The governor of Nineveh: the completion of military preparations for the Liberation of Mosul

2016/7/27 14:25

[Where - Exclusive]

The governor of Nineveh, Novell Hammadi, said on Wednesday that the "military coordination between private security forces editing spend Mosul is excellent, and that all liberalization city's military preparations completed.

Said Hammadi told all of Iraq [where] that "liberalization city of Mosul, security forces completed the battles for liberation of military preparations," saying "the presence of a large military coordination between the military units that will participate in the editorial process."

He pointed out that "the local government began to equip the human side of the families that will come out of the city if the starting editing operations."

The security forces announced earlier in readiness for editing directly in the city of Mosul from Conception Daash terrorist gangs, as well as the arrival of large numbers of troops to the nearby areas of the city.