Governor of Saladin: begin gradually North Baiji refineries

2016-07-27 11:28

Baghdad scales news

Governor of Salahuddin Ahmed Abdullah Jabouri, Wednesday, the return run North Baiji refineries begin gradually, noting that the flood victims to spend the Chinese area, Peggy zones will return to their districts after edit spend sharqat.

Jabouri said in a statement/balance news/copy, "Peggy, Chinese people going after edit spend sherqat gangs terrorist Islamic State.

The statement added, "the reason delayed the return of people to the cities due to the presence of elements of the terrorist organization Islamic State in Aperture and heat energy which we start editing with start sharqat edits".

And Jabouri said, that "the security plan led by Saladin operations and other security services and the popular crowd and limited presence of military units within cities and entrances."

The Governor drew to return north Baiji refineries operating and all vital treaty will progressively