Parliamentary legal: we remove the "privileges" of the draft law in Parliament

2016-07-27 at 13:50

Special the balance of news

The parliamentary legal Committee Member said Amin Bakar, Wednesday, that its work to remove materials from privileges draft law to Parliament.

He said Baker's/balance of news/legal Committee, working to remove materials from the House Bill concessions through discussion and make modifications within the Commission, stating that "political jockeying got on the adoption of the law".

Baker added, "the House of representatives must be regulated by law in order to get away from the pressures of the Executive power", adding that "you must give the powers of management and the independence of the legislature."

It is said that the House Bill's first reading bedtime and subsequently sent to the parliamentary legal to make some adjustments.

It is worth mentioning that the Bill gives lawmakers the privileges and rights of Ministers and chaired by the Prime Minister's rights and privileges