Parliamentary economy calls for the formation of a special executive council a draft port of Faw

2016/7/27 12:06

[Where - Baghdad]

The head of the economic and investment commission parliamentary Jawad al-Bolani, on Wednesday, to the formation of an executive board specializes facilitated the establishment of the project port of Faw measures.

He said al-Bolani, in his speech during the workshop to complete the project port of Faw, seen by all of Iraq [where] it, that "the project port of Faw requires mettle high and determination, and will contribute to the construction of an important sector of the economy is an oil province of Basra, which is the gap Iraq." He pointed to "the need to form an executive council headed by the Minister of transport agency, and a representative of the Office of the Prime Minister for economic Affairs and Minister of planning as the chairman of the Supreme Committee, to overcome all that Almarqlat endorsement during the implementation of the project."

He pointed to "the need for the Council will hold a monthly meeting to issue a special facilitation for the completion of the project procedures as soon as possible administrative orders", calling for "issued the ordered my book includes the formation of the Executive Council, what this port of importance in the development of railways in all of Iraq, and the revitalization movement airports. "

He stressed the need for "the participation of foreign companies sober and with a long experience in this regard," stressing "the rehabilitation of this project, large numbers of the people of Basra and building preservation and transfer of expertise and technology," adding that "these achievements and the business will not be realized without the investment and the entry of the companies mentioned to Basra ".

He pointed out that "the Basra Governorate Council urged paced towards encouraging investment," stressing "the House of Representatives co-operation in the delivery of all what this project needs through the achievement of a speeding channel for legislation and amendments are in favor of investment and activation of the concept of single window."

He called on neighboring countries to "promote Akaddarat and opened broad prospects to be in the development of the port of Faw build Basra province and promote tourism and rearranged," pointing out that "studies have confirmed that Basra accommodate more than 9 millions of people and provide them with live security and well-off."

He concluded that "the port of Faw project alleviates suffering and pain, which affected the people of the province of Basra."