Falling oil due to higher US dollar exchange rate

Roudao - Erbil Oil prices continued their downward wave that exposed in recent days for a low barrier of $ 45 a barrel , approaching the barrier forty dollars, so with the rise in the dollar exchange rate on the one hand and the continued increase in supply than demand. Experts and analysts stressed that the short-term declining trend and that global economic growth may help in the return of high oil prices in the medium term.
The price of benchmark Brent in Asian trading Wednesday morning to $ 44.81 a barrel, while US light crude reached the price to $ 42.87 a barrel.
So are oil prices in the futures lost up to about 15 percent of its value since reaching their highest levels middle of last month.
While analysts collects in the oil market that the logical price rate that reflects the supply and demand balance is $ 50 to $ 60 a barrel, expect those that rabies could fall in the short term for a spin around the barrier of $ 40 a barrel.
But it excludes the majority falling to the low level reached by the beginning of this year when the price of a barrel reached $ 27, the worst drop since it began declining trend in the summer of 2014.