Muwaffaq al-Rubaie, reveals the reasons why the Iraqi army sectarian

BAGHDAD / Sky Press
Former national security adviser and deputy state law Muwaffaq Rabiei, Alaravae, stressed that the Iraqi army formed on the basis of "sectarian", and in what was described governance as "very bad", I consider the fall of Mosul in 2014 is to be expected in lost "effects" political and partisan on Army. He said Alobeida, during a lecture held at the "Institute for the progress of the security policies," and moved his press office said in a statement received by "Sky Press," that "the absence of equal opportunities in the Iraqi security system with sectarian and there is not at the level of the security forces, but in the whole Alarac, That forces originated armed on a sectarian basis after it collected all the partisan forces and the army they entered Iraq, bringing about the measure conditions in which we live now. " Odhav, and that "there is a state of entanglement between the devices and the lack of sound methodology and management of bad judgment Jadda, Moreover tragedies and security breaches suffered by our people." He Rabiei, that "the security services of the former regime hostile time and nature expansive, as happened in the wars waged by the regime against its neighbors as they were not professional in spite of the allegation so; because of the belief Acanutatorreh, The party is driving power and there was no professional officers understand were fighting out of fear, not for ideology and was carrying those devices thought Anqlabaa; because of the structural composition of them. " He pointed out that "the regime used the security forces to suppress the people and against this background came the occupation in 2003, and was intended to bring down the power to appoint 20,000 Anasra, but the state and its institutions has fallen and this has dismantled the Iraqi state collapsed around terrible after that the army was resolved either by decision of the Bremer or it is the same solution. " Chancellor Alsabak, explained that "Iraq was not free to make his decision Security until the year 2012 but was, however, the occupation forces," noting that "since 2006, the security forces have seen massive inflation was not proportional to the actual need of the country has reached more than 700,000 member in the Ministry of Aldakhalih, and 17 squad in the army and the security establishment became employment agency overcame quantum on the type of account without paying attention to armament and the speed of movement in order to be able to fight terrorism in parallel with the preservation of national sovereignty. " Rabiei, and pointed out that "there are five cancers hit the body of the security establishment we have produced a spectacle distorted security in the forefront of financial corruption represented by stealing the livelihood security of pieces that have become financially represent a source of some leaders and Alamaren, as well as a lot of behaviors that are extorting citizens." He continued, "The second cancer is administrative corruption of sell positions and the presence of large numbers of Alvdhaiaan, Add to that the lack of faith when Iraqi fighter and blurred vision among leaders and their inability to diagnose the real enemy." And Ban, that "the invasion of Daash to four provinces in 2014 is in one of its sides positively; because he united the Iraqis and revealed to us the source of the real threat and reduced the sectarian shipping in the community and turned the challenge into an opportunity to reconsider the security reality and build faith with the fighter." And increased Rabiei, "The Fourth of cancer is the lack of discipline in the security establishment and Alaskarah, cancer and the fifth is a partisan, political, regional and tribal influences and created a state of chaos and lack of selection of qualified Algidh, was expected with the presence of these challenges may lead to a number of Ctmalat, The end military coup this possibilities Daevh, second possibility of suicide commander of the armed forces, the third possibility is the collapse of the army in the first internal face or on the border and this has happened in a setback in June 2014. " Rubaie pointed to the "lack of a clear structure of the national security of all his joints but Mchapkh, There is no identification of the functions and responsibilities clearly, accompanied by a lack of law and security institutions legislation but are going on the basis of moods personal became security joints vary with the person in charge." He stressed that "disaster disasters our inability to penetrate the enemy in terms of information, and this results from a lack of coordination between the security services and the lack of clarity of the tasks for each device, resulting in a state of overlapping and sometimes chaos in the security performance." Rubaie called that "the community involved in the security operation as it happens in civilized countries, given their importance in maintaining security through the provision of fast and true for any case of questionable Viha, information and therefore we can prevent and reduce vandalism and terrorism." He predicted that "the liberation of Mosul, within three months, or before the end of this year at the latest, and in the worst-case scenario in the next spring," explaining that "there are signs of a clear improvement in the fighters through high morale after the party interventions fell Valenksh was a violent tremor ".