Iran has cut off electricity for Iraq without warning

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Stop the Ministry of Energy of Iran processing power to the Iraqi national electricity system through two import of electrical energy (Khorramshahr - Basra) and (Krkhh - Building), amounting to approximately 800 MW, as announced by the Ministry of Electricity, Wednesday. The ministry said in a statement received "free event" that Iran halted the two lines of work without warning which led to lower frequencies and stopped a number of production plants in the province of Basra due to the operation of self-protection system. According to the statement, the Minister Qassim al-Fahdawi, the Bastnfar engineering and technical staff in the departments of transportation and production in the southern provinces to address the imbalance and restart production units within three hours. The statement said that the Ministry of Electricity has made the Iranian side, two months before the amount of 100 million dollars of the total amount of debt amounting to $ 700 million, as well as giving them to ensure that by the Cabinet for the remaining debt amount. Iran had halted in the month of May last four to import electric power for Iraq lines due to the recent reimbursement for debts arising on them, they have been restored those fonts to work after the cabinet's approval to grant the Ministry of Energy of Iran to ensure the sovereignty of the amount of the debt and the amount ($ 700 million), and approval the renewal of the contract between the Iraqi and Iranian ministries of electricity.