Finance Committee: captured suspects bought a billion cars and half of the convoy. And furniture for his house price per Chair 3 million dinars

Tue, 26 Jul 2016 22:25:03

News/monitor Baghdad.

The parliamentary Finance Committee member revealed Magda Tamimi, about a corrupt file 86 before the integrity Commission electricity Minister Qasim captured suspects.

Tamimi said in a press statement that "we have the corruption file 86 electricity Minister Qasim captured suspects, submitted to an integrity to be resolved quickly and follow sign to" body integrity confirmed that files in precision and integrity. "

She added, "the former Minister of electricity purchased armored cars worth 6 billion in 2013 and 2014, was received in the final months of his job for Secretary of electricity", stating that "current electricity Minister Qasim captured suspects after receiving his rejection of the use of these cars because they are not new, and purchased the cars credit billion and 424 million dinars complementary to those cars as used".

"The budget law prevents buying cars and production cars only just", stating that "the captured suspects on investment budget, being prepared for the purpose of electricity production and not to buy personal cars."

Tamimi recalled that "power transmission projects Directorate has purchased armored cars from her account for investment projects, giving those vehicles to the Ministry, stating that the project doesn't need armored cars, this is a ploy to acquire enormous amounts of money".

It showed that "there is a deal to buy security cameras in very large numbers belonging to the Office of Minister Qasim captured suspects without knowing its actual need," adding that "integrity after opening this file and its investigation discovered that the Minister's Office made fake receipts for those cameras and also non-existent companies on the ground and then it turned out that all the money that was given to purchase those cameras were stolen.

Tamimi followed as saying that "the ad campaign for MEW under (TFY overload) from electrical devices, cost more than one billion Iraqi dinar and responsible spokesman of the Ministry of electricity."

The "MEW bought gifts million dinars have been Baghdad international fair for participating companies and offices", indicating that "corruption in the Ministry of electricity purchase mobile phones for the protections, and restore the Minister's House, buying furniture and household items, so that the price per seat 3 million dinars."