Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi headed by regular meeting of the council of ministers

The Press Office of the prime minister
Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Cabinet held its regular today under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi, and discussed the cabinet positions. Political, economic and field and issues on his agenda, and issued a number of decisions and directions.

Care for those displaced in the council of ministers quota of provisioning for one additional per family newly fugee from the provinces of saladin and ninawa exception from the instructions of the ministry of trade.

In Support of the peasants in the council of ministers of the ministry of finance in coordination with the central bank at the speed of a discount bonds, and Muslim on their payments in cash.

The Cabinet decided to approve the recommendation of the committee on economic affairs on the treatment and the salinity of the scarcity of drinking water in basra governorate, and walking the convention proceedings the loan with the British government $ 10000000000 ten billion pounds sterling just and formed a committee to negotiate and to submit a draft negotiating Back to the council of ministers şwlyạ, I have to be added to the basra governorate mentioned on the draft candidates and desalination.

And the face of the cabinet formed a committee to study the draft to colonize and was my city chest and a torch for residential compound in all its aspects of contractual and financial and administrative and liquidation of the outstanding things, access to the final solution with the company implemented and lifting its recommendations to the president of the council The Prime Minister.

And in another area of the council of ministers approved the draft witness protection and forwarded to the house of representatives.

And the urgent need to provide protection to the airport, Baghdad Iraqi airspace and the council of ministers approved by the ministry of finance financing for fifty percent of the ministry of transport of the planned amount for the purpose of securing the difference amount required to hold de protection wish airport, Baghdad and provide traffic control services Air and train them from a reserve account allocations emergency act of 2016, and allocating the remaining amount of the ministry of finance.

He also agreed to sign a contract solve plugin whereby the Iraqi airways instead of the ministry of finance in the contract with the Boeing company to no consequences for any obligations on the Iraqi government.

The Council to support the creation of the airports of nasiriyah walcott international within the international standards for aviation safety and approval by the civil aviation authority.
As the council of ministers approved the appointment of Mrs. Abeer Mehdi happy chalabi job director general welfare service with special needs a thoroughbred in the ministry of labour and social affairs.

The Board approved the recommendations of a garage to fix the waste management system in Iraq.