Central Bank calls for parliamentary financial control of private banks and their performance evaluation

2016/7/26 19:17

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} invited the Chairman of the parliamentary Finance Committee Faleh Sari Central Bank to monitor banks and assess their performance.

Applicable said Agency {Euphrates News} Tuesday, that "banks are a fundamental pillar of the economic side and have interest in it," he said, adding that "economic progress comes by having the infrastructure unfortunately didn't promote the tasks established for primary objective to obtain benefits through the auction market and purchase and sale of currency and this isn't really a major activity but afterthought nor support the private sector."

Called "the Central Bank to monitor banks", noting that "there must be an assessment of its performance, if mediocre performance must be abolished or merged with other banks."

He continued to say that "bank loans for {housing and Agriculture and industry} the Central Bank initiated the deployment of funds which are 5 trloin specialized banks dinar k {agricultural and industrial estate}", adding that "projects are given to the private sector through financial sums and empowered to give grants or micro-credit grants and huge development projects, these specialized banks and task are task through a form so that we can promote the economic reality in the country.