Kurdistan Alliance demands the formation of a Government of 16 ministries

1905-07-26 at 15:00

Baghdad scales news

Kurdistan Alliance mp demanded Mohsen saadun, Tuesday, that formed the Government of 16 instead of the existing number of ministries in the Government.

Sadoun said in a statement/balance of news copy, to change topic became a problem for more than four months, prompted by "Government formed of 16 ministries instead of the current ministries.

He suggested that "the foreign ministries, defense, Interior, oil and finance, justice and Commerce and the Ministry of industry, in addition to the Ministry of electricity and the Ministry of higher education, culture and tourism.

Saadun said that "no reshuffle after the decision of the Federal Court to make a ministerial space after resignation of current Ministers.

He explained that "the Ministry that bears the number 16 new update in the name Department of territories and provinces, in lieu of the Ministry that is transfer of powers to the provincial councils.

He demanded, all the deputies that "the Government of this formation to be in front of a strong Government that can assume responsibility in alakad stage put meh."

The Government is suffering from a vacuum in most of the Service Department, suffered by the citizens of signature not valid by agents on citizens ' interests, notably oil Ministry ended