Immigration: the return of more than 48,000 displaced families in Anbar

2016/7/26 16:18


The Ministry of Displacement and Migration announced the return of 48 thousand and 257 displaced families to their original places of domicile in Anbar province.

The ministry branch official in Anbar province, Mohammed Rashid, said in a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that "Anbar province achieved a return of some 48,257 families displaced to their original domicile areas in the districts and the areas of Anbar province," noting that "return included 35,820 families displaced to the district center in Ramadi, and the return of 6043 displaced families to spend the Heat in 1407 and the return of displaced families to spend the wet as well as the return of displaced families in 1387 to spend Khalidiya and 3600 displaced families to hand vine Fallujah. "

He said Rashid that "the success of the security forces in the liberation of maintaining operations of Daash terrorist gangs and restore stability and security in the province contributed to the return of more displaced families to places of domicile of origin," he continued return of displaced persons to their places in the districts and the areas and villages of the province. "