The parliamentary economic and consumer and Government trader responsible economy

2016/7/26 11:14

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} carry the Vice President of the Parliamentary Commission on the economy and investment the Government and consumer Harthy, Harith and traders saw responsibility make the economy replaced hard currency from the country.

Harithi said in {Euphrates news} "the citizen must encourage the national product, and kept on every cent goes out outside the country; but unlike facilitated citizen this import goods is necessary abroad encouraged many to defeat national industry and this decreased revenues and increased inflation.

"The State wants to encourage the private sector but many government departments going by destroying the economy and leading to collapse through lack of support for the private sector".

"Very large losses and the seller and the consumer and the State contributed waste of public money", adding that "traders must turn to manufacturers and dealers to promote the country to the losses in the billions."

It is said that Iraq is undergoing severe economic crisis as a result of the adoption of the oil prices declined economy to a large degree which required finding outlets and other sources make them imports from industry and agriculture, the State began to develop plans and resolutions adopted to promote industrial, agricultural and other sectors.

The industry had earlier invited all ministries and State institutions and citizens to acquire national products and support local industry and cutting out the foreign importer to restore Iraqi industry is recovering and to defeat all schemes which target identity and prestige of this country and seeking to sabotage the economy