Representative territories: choose members of provincial rights guarantee body would be out of quotas

2016/7/26 14:42

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} provincial and District Committee confirmed Tuesday, representative selection of members of the Commission to ensure the rights of the provinces would be far from sharecropping.

The Committee Member said Shireen Abdul Rahman Dino for Agency {Euphrates news} today, that "Iraqi territories and provinces is very important, it has been stalled since 2003 to now, where was followed up by the Commission."

"This law came from the Cabinet and is important because it aims to mete out justice and expansion of powers and participation of all provinces of Iraq, including the KRG," stating that "each province will have a representative from the components of the Iraqi people and not confined to a single component.

She added that "each province will be represented in the Federal Council," pointing out that "this Commission not degrees especially, is linked to the study Council of Justice and participation in international conferences and missions away from quotas.

The House voted through today's meeting to approve a Bill public organisation to ensure the rights of regions and provinces in the territory ended with