Czech terminate train 31 Iraqi pilots and send a team to the base country

2016/7/26 13:58

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Czech Defense Ministry announced the termination of thirty-one training Iraqi pilots to lead the helicopters.

He said Czech Defense Minister Martin Strupniki, "This training is part of the joint action of the international coalition against Daash," adding that "our strategy is to help the Iraqi army on training and equipping the supply level," as quoted by "AFP."

Iraqi pilots and train participants to lead the American light helicopter [Schweser] and then to lead the transportation of Russian-type MiG-2 and MiG-17.

He explained Blateka Roman, director of the company blaming the public], which manages air training center in Pardubisa that "has been training plan according to the Iraqi army's needs and requests."
Negotiations are under way to send another group of Iraqi pilots in the coming months to the same place to receive training.

On the other hand, a team of trainers Czechs will soon visit Balad Air Base, 60 km north of Baghdad, to train Iraqi pilots on the use of fighter aircraft of the type [of -159] until the end of 2017.

The Czech government approved last year on the sale of Iraq's 12 aircraft of this type to help him in dealing with terrorism.

The aircraft basically competent in providing support ground operations, can be equipped with missiles, air-to-air and air-to-ground. And 80 percent of its components sourced from outside the Czech Republic, especially from the United States.