Najaf Governor: conservative investment allocations within two years absolute zero

Complaining Najaf province and officials from the lack of financial allocations that have affected negatively on the performance of public services, as it revealed the governor of Najaf Luay al for the failure to allocate one dinar for the investment budget over the last year and this, too, is certain that the scarcity of allocations did not prevent the province from providing good services by relying on their own resources .

Yasiri said in a statement to Agence N. news reporting "thankfully province of Najaf worked hard and excelled so much in light of the financial crisis and that the testimony of the Prime Minister during the Higher Coordination meeting, which was held in Najaf late last month of Ramadan in the presence of Governors and heads of boards and some of the ministers and agents praised the great acclaim in Najaf and officials including observed and saw the good services in the province. "

He said that "despite the lack of allocations A_i_mrna our own resources and the resources of Najaf municipality and we have implemented to show Najaf in the proper manner, and have served some of the streets that are used by visitors Kstreet police district major campaigns, there are seven important projects to pave seven streets lagging behind years ago and caused harm to the people a lot, which is of others peace and peace University Avenue and energy and Nasr Street and Avenue birthday German hospital where we started Street, not peace a few days ago and, God willing, accomplish all of the beginning of next year. "

He said the governor Alnhv that "the investment allocations of zero for this year and last year and only up Tgshelah There are major projects Strategy is parked as a water Najaf great ending scarcity of water in a court of Najaf and Kufa, and also to the main roads and annuals that untangled the traffic jams in the city center."

On attracting investors to the advancement of the services he replied Yasiri that "the final decision of the Council of Ministers gave the power to the Conservatives to refer lagging projects as investment opportunities, saying that" we began to work to put some projects for investment Kalmschwy German Hotel and Najaf, the capital of Islamic culture and schools project and other projects of the Machines should put up for investment as it does not All projects can be referred as investment opportunities. "