Barzani accused Jaafari to "confiscate the right of the province."

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He accused the president of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari to "prevent" the participation of the region delegation in the war conference against al Daash in Washington, in what was considered the province has two choices in "achieving sovereignty", stressing that this is the confiscation of the right region. Barzani said in a publication on his site Facebook to communicate, and seen the "free event" by the people of Kurdistan feet in his war against Daash human sacrifice large economic, pointing out that "the Peshmerga forces managed to destroy the myth Daash Ptdhyatea as the main force that confronted terrorism in the region. He added that "the Iraqi Foreign Minister to prevent the participation of a delegation of the Kurdistan region in the war against Daash Conference held in Washington, expressing regret that the party who has asked to host the conference carried out by the Minister. He said Barzani, that this model and for other models prove that it is possible to neglect the right and the sacrifices of the people of Kurdistan simply and be dealt with in ways inappropriate and linked to the decisions and the mood of others, saying that this is unacceptable in any form, is incompatible with the role of the site and the sacrifices of our people. He pointed out that these problems processing we need to sovereignty and to be our decision to the owners, explaining, "We are now faced with two choices: either accept the current reality and the others decide on our fate when they want and are creating problems for us and we remain affiliated to them, or to take a joint decision and take steps towards sovereignty and independence . And it witnessed the US capital of Washington, in the (July 19, 2016) a conference of defense ministers of participating international alliance with the participation of Iraq states.

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