International Un Security Council extend the mandate of the united nations mission in Iraq


Follow-up: ‪#‎NEWSFLASH‬

The Security Council adopted the international security, a decision to extend the mandate of the United Nations to help in Iraq "yu sleep" for a whole year ends on 31 July 2017.

It expresses, drafted by the United States of America on " the deep concern at the situation of the current security in Iraq and the continued presence of groups of terrorist acts and threats posed by these groups, in particular the organization of ISIS and the associated From Armed groups ".

He called the council resolution no. 2299 " all political entities in Iraq to intensify efforts to overcome divisions and engage in the political process including everyone and take place at the right time, with the objective of the Iraqi National Unity and strengthen the sovereignty and independence of the country.

And urged the council resolution the Iraqi government to " further strengthening governance and institutional reform aimed at raising the standard of living of citizens including through the fight against corruption and promoting human rights and the rule of law and improve the conditions of women especially affected them from ‪#‎Isis‬ ".

Also urged the government resolution also on "speed up their efforts to support the stability and sustainable development in order to create conditions for the return of refugees and internally displaced persons in a voluntary way and lasting preserve their dignity and intrude to them safe".

And Dan the security council in his decision. "the destruction of cultural heritage and especially by ‪#‎ISIS‬, including the deliberate destruction of the places and religious monuments".

And expressed the readiness of the security council imposed sanctions on more individuals and groups and institutions and entities who support ISIS.

It states that the mission of the United Nations to help Iraq [some] was founded by a resolution of the security council no. 1500 of 14 August 2003 and was scheduled to expire last extension for The end of July before the resolution of the current extension for a full year.