Near the completion of the first industrialized cities in Iraq

7/26/2016 0:00

The joy of pumice
with the approach of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and other stakeholders of the completion of the first industrialized cities in Iraq, the leading specialist industrial significance of this and its impact on the economic reality of the cities.

The expert said Aqeel Abboud «morning»: The «This step aims to collect plants and small and medium factories and even the big ones , sometimes, in a single place where infrastructure and services of electricity, water, roads and transportation is available».

Industrial city known as the «custom scheme area her for the purpose of industrial development, and the version «simpler» which is a business park or office complex , which contains offices, light industry, rather than heavy industry.

» Abboud pointed to the importance of these cities, as the completion will contribute to the payment of the Iraqi economy forward by providing jobs for the unemployed , it is expected that the industrial city one operates from 5000 to 30 000 citizens, as well as the advancement of the Iraqi industry and provide local products compete with imported, especially with the application of the tariff , which called for an increase in the event of Iraqi industries began to meet market needs and gradually. It is noteworthy that the head of the Investment Commission of Baghdad , Shaker al - Zamili revealed «morning» Recently, on the status of plans to set up industrial zones, declaring choose my part of Abu Ghraib, Latifiyah to identify land areas within them, pointing at the same time that the Authority aims of the establishment of plants for different products.

The General Company for the design and implementation of the Ministry of Industry and minerals projects have achieved advanced achievement in the project of establishing the industrial city in Dhi Qar ratios of up to more than 80 percent.

Director of the Information Center and Public Relations at the Ministry Abdul Wahid Alwan al - Shammari said: « The company has completed more than 80 percent in the implementation of the second phase, as the work included the establishment of a unit of water filter and road construction , modern buildings include banks and building workshop for Civil Defence, a restaurant and a workshop for Transport and the establishment of networks for water and sewer rainwater and network power supply and lighting, mobile unit for wastewater treatment plants, as well as pumping station rainwater.

The first stage was including the construction of a building for administration bunk and set up a fence industrial city length of 3 km and the main gate of the city of Foreign queries and networks of electricity, telephone and water networks, sewage and create a water tank.

Basra province , also announced the completion of more than 90 percent of the largest industrial city project in Iraq, stressing near the opening.

A source in the province »Sabah», that « the city include a private station , you disconnect the oil from the water and power plants and Integrated Services for craftsmen on an estimated area 23 k