Transport: the establishment of an agreement to convert the base of Imam Ali [p Kut civil airport] to the civilian airport

2016/7/25 21:10

[Oan- Baghdad]

The Minister of Transport Agency Abdul Hussein Abtan during his visit to the province of Wasit today that Wasit will see the first civilian in the airport opening, "referring to" an agreement in principle on the verge of completion with the Ministry of Defense in order to convert the base of Imam Ali [p] air Dhi Qar province to the airport civilian".

He Abtan, that "the maximum period for the completion of Kut Airport project is six months in advance and that the runway and ready for action almost nonexistent."

For his part, the governor of Wasit owner behind that "the establishment of a civilian airport in the province is a good step in supporting the economic side and the transport of goods in addition to providing job opportunities for the people of the province," he underlined at the same time that "the seriousness of the ministry will be reflected to accelerate the pace of private jobs, but the minister has put among his priorities the completion of this project. "