Cops want to application of article 140 after the battles of elimination of ISIS

July 25, 2016

She said two civilians in Kurdistan not oppose withdrawal from areas that are retrieved from the grip of Islamic State in the North and East of the Islamic State, subject to the application of article 140 of the Constitution regarding the disputed areas after the battles against management.

He said the Ministry's Secretary General Jabbar Yawar Nazir in connection with "Radio Sawa", any withdrawal of the recovered areas now threatens to return under the control of the Islamic State, especially since the Iraqi army presence at the current stage is limited to Federal South of the city of Mosul, while two forces deployed in the rest of the actors.

And the soldier said, asking, "who recognize these lands?":

Connector and the memorandum of understanding process

And on the memorandum of understanding between the Pentagon and two civilians, soldier, said that if the signing of the agreement, the two forces would be obliged to withdraw from the center of the city of Mosul after restoring from ISIS.

The Iraqi Defense Ministry said in a statement issued Friday on the memorandum of understanding that the two forces and other territory to withdraw forces from the date of activation of the note from the liberated areas within Nineveh operations boycotted, according to a schedule approved by the Iraqi Government.

Source: Radio Sawa