Working lives training for displaced people in Baghdad's Al kasinzan camp

2016-07-25 at 16:58

Baghdad the balance of news

Labour Ministry spokesman Ammar Menem, Monday, that the Ministry has set up training courses for displaced people in Baghdad's Al kasinzan camp during July.

According to a statement by the Ministry received/balance of news, a copy of it, "the Ministry's vocational training courses for displaced people in Al kasinzan camp during the month according to the controls and conditions for registration of displaced persons in those sessions for the skills to engage in the labour market."

The Ministry said according to the statement, the newborn Center apprenticeship training course established in Baghdad for "152" IDPs looking work Al kasinzan camp dwellers in Baghdad to rehabilitate and equip them with practical experience and involvement in the labour market ", adding that" these courses lasts two months in areas of computing waltasisat electric air conditioning and car maintenance, sewing and hairdressing as well as distribution of clothing produced by sewing workshops of vocational training center in Baghdad and provinces among the displaced.

He noted that "these courses displaced from choosing their own businesses after a feasibility study for each project to ensure the success of their choice and implementation of the project, adding that the Ministry has excluded all displaced from eligibility for courses in terms of advisory card and certificate of academic achievement and provide an academic achievement certificate written undertaking".

And the statement that "this initiative is the embodiment of the humanitarian principles of lending a helping hand to children of displaced families and displaced because of terror gangs of satisfaction and minimize their suffering and help them integrate into the society