Arunkumar calls an emergency meeting to discuss the Diyala security file

2016/7/25 18:05

{Baghdad: alvert news} placeholder confirmed the Diyala ghaidaa urankar, Monday, that "daily slaughter tools of murder and crime and extremism," criticizing Diyala Council doing anything because of political bickering back and called for Parliament to convene an emergency session to discuss a security file.

She said in a press statement received urankar {Euphrates news} copy, to Diyala province slaughtered daily tools of murder and crime and extremism and bloody massacre occurred in Khalis most victims of women who teach in medical personnel not to mention the phenomenon of kidnappings and assassinations that have become of concern to public opinion, clearly in the last few months. "

Arunkumar criticized "Diyala Council doing anything although top legislature in the province because of political disputes over interests, so that pure crime never condemned until the moment no urgent inquiry or send a delegation to inspect the conditions of the wounded and help them and help them."

She invited urankar House an emergency meeting in the presence of the Prime Minister and the defense and Interior Ministers to discuss security of Diyala which deteriorate remarkably recently saying that "any chaos hit the province will range directly on the security of Baghdad."

The terrorist attack, by wheel bomb occurred on the entrance portal of agriculture Khalis controlled Monday morning, causing the martyrdom of 9 people and injuring 39 others.