The Election Commission received 75 billion next month emphasizes an update of voter registers

July 25, 2016


the head of the electoral Department at the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq Mekdad sharifi, said Monday that the Office received 75 billion from the Federal Government to make preparations for the upcoming parliamentary elections, saying that voters update next month.

Said sharifi (SNG) "the Commission was unable to eliminate fraud in the election, saying it put mechanisms to reduce the phenomenon of provincial assemblies and the House of representatives.

"The Commission limited the phenomenon of rigging the vote by ballot through the voter card and electronic sounds recording device", adding that "the phenomenon of rigging the votes have not been eliminated completely by the Commission".

Stating that "during the last elections was able to deliver 85% of electronic voter cards to citizens and 15% only UNHCR could not deliver it for technical reasons."

Sharifi pointed out that "UNHCR teams have drawn up plans to facilitate sorting mechanisms promised voters at polling stations before the transfer of funds to UNHCR headquarters.

"The UNHCR has positive indicators on upcoming legislative elections on time," stressing that "August will see the opening of centres to check voter records in the provinces."

Pointing out that "35 percent of work completed during this phase to begin making plans for the coming elections in 2018 ″.

Sharifi said that "the Commission has not received a formal letter about making or postponing the parliamentary elections or provincial elections," Noting that "the Federal Government actually spent 75 billion dinars for the purpose of holding the elections on time."