Shakhwan Abdullah: we are not moving towards arms deals involved "corrupt" file and the fall of Mosul

July 25, 2016

Member of the parliamentary security and Defence Committee shakhwan Abdullah of corruption by a senior former Government armament contracts and involvement of senior officials in the fall of Mosul.

Abdullah said in remarks to reporters that the defence and Security Committee ascertained the existence of corruption in some armament contracts concluded a previous Governments during her visit to Russia stating that political pressures and quotas within the security services was the biggest reason not to reveal the results of any investigation about those suspicious transactions.

Adding that the Committee also revealed the involvement of senior officers and the fall of Mosul and handing over large areas of Iraq for ISIS saying that prosecution was provided documents and evidence that prove that surprise of not taking any action yet against those involved in corruption in contracts and the fall of Mosul, but instead give them sensitive positions in the Defense Ministry instead.