The liberated areas in Anbar receive high-capacity generators contribute to restoring stability

25-07-2016 02:00 PM

Daryl said Rawi, Governor of Anbar other meals of high-capacity generators to maintain coordination with UNDP United Nations Development Centre.

The narrator said in a statement that ' provide generators to liberated areas coincide with the efforts of the Government of Iraq in restoring stability and local infrastructure and services for the Organization of urgent and safe return of displaced Pan '.

The ' double moving efforts to overcome all the difficulties that stand before our return to their districts, providing all the services and infrastructure needed to bring life to the liberated villages and districts, as well as removing all unexploded remnants of war by coordinating local and international '.

Governor of Anbar noted that coordination with the Central Government and local governments that hosted County flood victims, to secure the return of displaced persons to their homes and thereby compensate for all damages as a result of military operations in the province