Commerce Announces update to GHQ 43 session of the Baghdad international exhibition

2016/7/25 13:51

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

public exhibition company and the Iraqi Ministry of commerce business services readiness to establish 43 session of the Baghdad international fair.

The General Manager of the company said in a statement received during the fair {Euphrates news} CC "Committee formed within the company began promoting and invitations to local companies and international Arabic and to participate in the 43 session of the Baghdad international fair which is held on the first of November," adding that there was a high level of coordination between the Ministry of Commerce, ministries and agencies supporting the emergence exhibition better through infrastructure development and maintenance of all the galleries, as well as a large campaign to increase green spaces to receive Citizens and beautiful picture confirms his place Baghdad to receive greater economic gatherings.

He pointed out that "this session will see different events by civil defense Directorate and an exhibition of photographs in addition to a special extension version in English and Arabic for the session".

Baghdad international fair is the biggest economic event in Baghdad and never stopped over the past years despite the circumstances and security challenges