Economic negotiate with Arsenal Mittal] to import iron Ukrainian

2016/7/25 12:35

[Where - Baghdad]

General Company for Trading of construction materials in the Ministry of Commerce announced on Monday that it conducted negotiations with a delegation Arsenal Mittal for the purpose of importing material rebar Ukrainian.

He said the company's director, Adnan al-Sharifi said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that he "held a meeting with a delegation Arsenal Amital company to discuss the nature of the company's work and goals that seeks to achieve the import of the best global origins discreet construction materials and according to international standards and specifications approved."

He pointed out that "the General Company for Construction Materials enjoys absolute independence in terms of financial allocation and sales centers in all provinces of the country in addition to what is owned by a large transfer makes them a source of satisfaction for major international companies to deal with the fleet," stressing "the need to deal directly with the factory not for through intermediaries in order to be competitive material prices benefit even iron dealers in particular Iraq and that there are more than one province will witness the reconstruction process and rebuild after the devastation of Daash terrorist gangs. "

He said the "two sides agreed that there is a quick action in the field to reach a conclusion of the contract between the parties."

For his part, the delegation reviewed the Arsenal company production capacity of the company and its plants distributed all over the world, expressing his desire and keenness to deal with the heavy construction company because of its good reputation in the Iraqi market.