Jabouri looking with EU delegation return efforts

2016-07-24 at 22:59

Baghdad scales news

Iraqi Parliament speaker discussed Salim Jabouri, on Sunday with a delegation of European Union efforts to return stability to the country.

According to a statement by the Office of the President of the Parliament, the balance of news/copy, "Jabouri, received in his Office today, official EU delegation headed by European Union Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs Christos stlianids, and during the meeting they reviewed the political and security situation in Iraq and the efforts of the European Union mission to provide humanitarian support to internally displaced persons and restoring stability to the liberated cities in preparation for the return of displaced persons."

Jabouri confirmed by the statement, "outrage and solidarity with all countries in the world, especially European Union countries which are exposed to terrorist incidents call everyone and fight rooted in all regions". He thanked the speaker of the House, "EU efforts in humanitarian support and relief to Iraq to help restore stability and infrastructure that were damaged as a result of military operations, and the importance of supporting efforts to achieve civil peace."

The European Union delegation said "the importance of providing continuous support for the displaced, and any breaches of civilians during edits cities, ensuring humanitarian access to displaced persons, at the same time valuing the role of Parliament, represented by its Chairman in support of democratisation, the protection of civilians and maintain stability in the country."

The European Commission Saturday announced a new grant in the form of humanitarian projects worth 104 million euros, affected by Iraq Assistant country's fight against ISIS.

The announcement came at a time when visiting European Union Commissioner for humanitarian aid and crisis management Christos stailianis Iraq for the third time, had met Prime Minister Haider Abadi and inspected projects funded by the European Union. Stailisanidrs told a press conference "I always said that Iraq could become Syria, any other major humanitarian emergency on a global scale, so we have to act." "This funding part of EU aid worth 194 million euros" and is part of the international obligations of Iraq support Conference held this week in Washington.