Anbar governor: the launch of a campaign to speed up the process of reconstruction of Fallujah

2016/7/24 23:08

[Oan- Baghdad]

The government launched the reconstruction of the city of Fallujah campaign for the resettlement of the displaced population after the liberation of the terrorist gangs Daash last May.

The governor of Anbar Sb narrator press statement on Sunday, said he was forming a special sub-committee in the province take action to speed up the return of displaced families to their homes in Fallujah.

"The committee, which includes representatives from the city and the services and the military security and intelligence work to speed up the procedures of security checking and coordination in order to speed up the return of residents to their homes."

On his part, the mayor of Fallujah, Saadoun al-Shaalan, the belief that restoring stability in the city operations will be easier than it was in Ramadi because the organization was not able to Daash mining houses, government institutions before the defeat of Fallujah.

Shaalan said that "the most important challenge in Fallujah is to restore drinking water complexes to work, especially the central water complex," adding that it "is currently possible to use electrical generators until the reform's main power stations likely date of return of displaced persons by September / September next."

For his part, Anbar police chief Maj. Gen. Hadi Rseg that the security forces launched the security audit records for the displaced and review their statements stressing that the return of the displaced people of Fallujah will be locked to prevent the return of terrorists to the city.

He added that the security file in the province is still, however, the combined forces of the army, the police and the crowd expected to deliver soon View local police forces and tribal crowd of people in the region.

According to official figures, about 85,000 people have been displaced from Fallujah and surrounding areas to escape the military operations launched by the government to restore the city from the hands of elements Daash last May.

Most of the displaced people from Fallujah residing in camps sheltering in areas Amiriyah Fallujah and Habbaniyah.