Macgork: Daash-day control of the land are gone and you lose in Iraq

2016/7/24 22:30

Oan- follow-up]

Brett Macgork envoy of the US president said the international coalition to fight al Daash, The days of control of the organization over vast lands are gone, referring to the focus of the international coalition to defeat the organization in Iraq and Syria.

Macgork said in a televised interview that "the international coalition's strategy for the next period focus on the involvement of local people in the fight Daash, to achieve strong results."

He pointed to liberalize 60 percent of the territory that was controlled by Daash in Iraq, and that the campaign is continuing to achieve its objectives.

He pointed out that the future strategy also includes dry up the sources of funding and to fight the propaganda and ideological messages broadcast by the organization.

Macgork said, that "after the liberation of the town of Manbej in Syria, which witnessed the desperation of Daash because it is the main crossing point for supplies and insurgents, the tenderness stronghold of the organization will be the next destination."

He pointed out that US President Barack Obama ordered the deployment of three thousand special forces for this purpose, and said that: the days that dominated the Daash these areas are gone. "

And on coordination with Russia in Syria, he said that Macgork being coordinated between the two sides on strikes against Front victory, but on the other hand, "the Russians must assume their responsibility on the cessation of hostilities agreement by clicking on the Syrian government, which constantly violates the agreement."

He ruled out the US envoy to Russia's accession to the international coalition against Daash, and hinted that his country "does not trust in Moscow," that the Syrian government supports militarily and financially.