Parliamentary legal: Federal Court and amnesty law will see the light in the shadow of political differences

2016/7/24 19:37

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

parliamentary legal Committee Member said saman Fattah said "Federal Court and legal Amnesty won't see light in shadow of political differences.

Jimbo said to Agency {news Euphrates} Sunday that "legal amnesty, Federal Court they became more than where we hosted and also Parliament speaker to reach solutions in approval."

The National Guard also act much discussion and political circumstances which Iraq has delayed the approval of these laws.

Jimbo said that "all House laws affecting the lives of Iraqi citizens like the amnesty law which relates to human freedom and others, there are several laws didn't come to our Committee and ask you those laws related to political differences or not? We will create solutions and gather signatures for approval. "

Many of the laws are still disabled as the National Guard and the Federal Court Act and the oil and gas and General Amnesty because of political differences in the country.