306 Iraq delegation chairs Council meetings in preparation for the Arab Economic Summit in Arabic

2016-07-23 at 21:11

Baghdad the balance of news

Trade Minister Salman jumaili Agency, Saturday, Iraq's delegation to the Arab Economic Council meetings in preparation for the Summit bemortania Arabic, to discuss many items most important to follow up the implementation of decisions of previous summits.

The Commerce Ministry said in a statement received/balance news/copy, "Commerce Secretary Salman jumaili agency Iraq delegation was headed by the Arab Economic Council meetings in preparation for the Summit bemortania Arabic", stating that "the Council held at the level of senior officials to discuss many items.

"Among the items that have been discussed the Secretary General to follow up implementation of the resolutions of the previous development and regular summits and discuss integrating developmental Summit with ordinary Summit", stating that "the regular summits convene every year either biennial development."

The statement said that "in view of the existence of economic construction in regular summits resolutions demand came to combine regular development Summit after discussion settled resolution possible developmental Summit every four years instead of two to provide follow up to report its decisions every two years by the Secretariat of the Arabic League."

The statement drew the third item included meeting review the University team on the reform of the institutions of the Arabic League were postponed this item and delete it and put in the economic and Social Council at its regular session, by speciality, "adding that" the meeting discussed the free trade zone line major Arabic and Arab alkmarki Union action was mandated by the economic and Social Council Summit to follow up the special committees and the need to complete work on the earliest Union with the need to continue with the difference National committees for the purpose of initiating the preparation of necessary legislation to facilitate trade and the implementation of alkmarki Union after its completion.

"The fifth item of the meeting included the establishment of a mechanism to implement the initiative of the Sudanese President for agricultural investment and the decision was welcomed in the recommendations contained in the study of achieving Arab food security including integrated sector plan in item item 6 on the implementation of the sustainable development plan and came over the first incision to adopt operational plan for water security strategy in the Arabic region to face future challenges and requirements and that's what a profound impact and importance to Iraq by moving to international organizations by the University For the purpose of ensuring water quotas for States riparian Arabic with non-Arabic countries in the second phase was to approve the housing and urban development strategy and the third prong was in relation to the social aspects of sustainable development plan 2030 came the decision to adopt the Arab Declaration to implement the sustainable the published Ministerial Conference on development plan ".

The statement said that "the seventh item of the meeting for the adoption of Arabic strategy for scientific and technical research and innovation was the request of educational, cultural and scientific organization Arabic for strategic update after adding proposals and visuals and then redisplay Member States on top in the next session.

The statement said "the eighth and final item of the meeting was twofold I includes the establishment of an Arab Centre for medical research and laboratory based in Egypt and the second phase includes the creation of a Centre for HIV/AIDS research based in Algeria and the decision was made to track these States welcomed the initiative on the establishment of such centres and to charge the Secretariat-General of the Arabic League in coordination with these countries and States wishing to participate and take appropriate action to put the initiative into effect.

It added that "Iraqi Joint Commission will be held on the sidelines of the Summit for Mauritanian from 26 Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari on the Iraqi side and the Foreign Minister of Mauritania."

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