Office of donor support efforts will accelerate Abadi: return of displaced persons and reconstruction of liberated cities

2016-07-24 at 19:56

Baghdad scales news

The Iraqi Prime Minister's Office announced Sunday that the Iraqi Government's efforts culminated in Iraq receive donor conference on support in the amount of two billion dollars, saying it would accelerate efforts within the displaced file and stability in liberated areas.

He said Saad Al-Hadithi, spokesman of the information Office of the Prime Minister in brief weekly days proved the policy by the Government and managed wisely and deliberately and here is Iraq tops all international gatherings attention and global conferences and that wasn't to happen without the Government's persistent policy towards the international community and the active attendance and impressiveness of the Iraqi Government in all international forums at the highest levels and put Iraq's viewpoint to the world by Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi and other officials in the Government. "

"These efforts culminated in the recent donors ' Conference in Washington, where Iraq obtained financial support in an amount exceeding two billion dollars which would speed up the Government's efforts under the displaced file and stability in liberated areas it serves as a confirmation of the international community in Iraq's leading role in the war on terror and efforts by the Iraqi Government and our heroic troops on battlefield confrontation against terrorists."

"We appreciate the efforts of all States and organizations that have contributed to support Iraq through this pass which embodied the international community's solidarity with Iraq, these efforts as an important message to Iraq in addressing terrorism."

"The Iraqi Government has adopted since its formation policy of openness to the international community to actively and continuously sought to establish balanced foreign relations opened up on most of the world, determined and flexible foreign policy followed to put the international community in a picture what is happening in Iraq and to explain the Government's efforts at political, military and humanitarian situation in Iraqi national ranks, fight terrorism and restore Iraqi cities one by one and also under the displaced and rebuild file liberated areas and achieve stability," pointing out that "this policy was subjected To criticism by some and are questioning the validity of the Government's approach in dealing with the international community and efforts to acquire military and humanitarian support by others.