International Alliance: 5-10 thousand Daash Mosul

2016/7/24 19:03


He favored the international coalition to fight gangs Daash the presence of five to ten thousand fighters of the organization in the city of Mosul in northern Iraq.

A spokesman for the International Alliance of Christopher Garver at a news conference on Sunday, the US embassy in Baghdad said "a number Daash guerrilla fighters in Mosul is currently between five and ten thousand fighters" probable "The number drops to between five and six thousand fighters with the launch of liberation of the city operations." .

Garver pointed out that "the number of people in Nineveh ranged between 500,000 and a million people, much lower than the official government census estimated the population of the province of two million people."

With regard to the number in Iraq is currently the international coalition forces said they had seven thousand troops in addition to the thousands of soldiers in Iraq perimeter of the pilots and workers in the aircraft carriers and others, "adding that" the final installment of US soldiers who arrived the country's 560 soldiers will take over the task of rehabilitation Qayyarah air Force Base recovered by the Iraqi army recently south of Mosul. "

He said the "coalition forces have trained 23,750 Iraqi security elements, including belonging to the fight against terrorism and other military and police forces.
The Iraqi army forces backed by international coalition forces poised to launch a battle to liberate Mosul and that the multiplicity crucial to eliminate Daash gangs in the country.