We hinted: immunity is not a prerogative of the Jabouri and some deputies announce files results in two weeks.

2016-07-24 at 11:53

Special balance news

The head of the parliamentary reform block honest we hinted, that immunity is not a prerogative of the President of the Parliament, noting that the Special Committee of Deputies absent no report so far.

He alluded, l/balance "news in the form of a Special Committee of Parliament deputies absent for the purpose of studying the cases so far didn't announce the result," stating that "the result will be announced within two weeks.

He added, that "speaker Selim Jabouri announced during last meeting about three names absent, but lawmakers were not convinced that only those names been missing the fact that Parliament in better condition number attending for 240," answers by saying "what is the status of the 80 remaining Vice."

He alluded to, to "lift the immunity of Deputies according to the Constitution is not the speaker, but through Parliament".