Urgent .. Daasha killed 12, including the leaders of destroying the compound of the leaders of "the state of the post Euphrates"

Based on the Information Directorate of Military Intelligence and the process of pre - emptive F16 aircraft announced media - Harbi cell, on Sunday, that Iraq carried out an air strike Tstahedav leaders of the so - called complex state of the Euphrates to Daash terrorist in dens contiguous group with each as well as a commercial site of the most important financing Daash centers resulted in the killing of 12 terrorists , including 4 from Daash guerrilla commanders and the most prominent terrorist called Abouhart narrator Prince security year in Qaim and 3 sexual Syrians and the Daash terrorist gangs to declare a state of maximum alert and imposing siege and curfew near the target sites and monitor all communications to prevent information security devices leak in the existing