Electricity: Energy production rose by the national system has never seen before

The Ministry of Electricity, Sunday, that the production of energy rose to 14 thousand and 355 MW, pointing out that this production was not seen in the national electricity system before, as demanded provinces not to encroach upon their assessed contributions.
The ministry said in a statement, said that "energy production rose to 14 thousand and 355 MW in spite of the high temperature of over 50 degrees Celsius , " he said , adding that " the production has not witnessed by the national electricity system before."
He added that it "will continue to progress in production to provide the best service to the citizen in the light of the difficult climatic conditions, which will reflect positively on the hours of processing in Baghdad and the provinces."
The ministry asked the provincial councils to "maintain this achievement and not to encroach upon their quota allocation in order to achieve a fair distribution and lack of impact on other provinces quotas", stressing " the importance of rationalizing the consumption of electric power as much as possible in order to ensure the continuity of the citizens processing more hours during the summer days . " .