Gathered in Istanbul for Democracy

He called on the main opposition Republican People 's Party, to gather for Democracy in Istanbul on Sunday, he joined the Justice and Development Party (Islamist governor) led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to call.
Erdogan refused to Saturday reservations and criticisms of the European Union on cleansing campaigns taking place in Turkey since the coup attempt that took place on July 15.
He said in an interview with French channel "France 24" that "what he says (European officials) do not care do not listen to them."
In a new criticism from afar European officials interview broadcast Saturday, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renza said that Ankara "puts the future (Turkey) in prison , " and that after the declaration of a state of emergency Thursday in the country for the first time in 15 years.
Turkish President warned that the response to supporters preacher Fethullah Gulen , who accuse him of being behind the attempted coup and lives in exile in the United States, will not weaken.
In this context , the authorities have arrested a senior aide Gulen, according to a government official said Saturday, the official , who did not reveal his identity said that the security forces stopped Hales Hangi in Trabzon province in the north of the country on the Black Sea.
He pointed out that Hangi is the "right arm" of Gulen in charge of the money transfer up to him