(Hashemi is no longer charged)

12/04/2012 PM - 6:04 p.m.

Ghias Abdul Hamid

Is no longer a fugitive from justice Tariq al-Hashimi accused according to the custom inferential but is convicted of collaborating with intelligence Arab countries antagonize Iraq and other foreign neighbors, and revealed himself for his crime during his recent visits to the State of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and is well known that these states play a destructive role of President in the region through the injection of terrorist cells and revitalization of intellectually and physically.

Not only did al-Hashemi crime of spying but is involved effectively in most terrorist crimes that have occurred in Baghdad and all governorates of Iraq, and who blew Babuagahm rusty in his defense, but of marching in the footsteps of shabbiness and vice, or members of his organization's terrorist, which includes common elements in the current government brought down the curtain them for the necessities of political expressions, according to a number of senior officials.

There are several options to Mr. Maliki for the punishment of this criminal and his aides and the various ways in revenge for the victims and their families experiencing grief and sorrow as well as the repercussions of affairs in pension because of their loss of a breadwinner only, and we are well aware and with us al-Maliki and his supporters and all the patriots that the weakness of the government and the head of Hermha, means that we are entering a tornado may be one of its overthrow of the political process and the democratic system which is making the blood of the convoys of martyrs and other material losses which are innumerable.

Difference in this matter my opinion is the separation between the national and traitor, either to be with Iraq, either against him and choosers third for us, though Alnbarqa and uncertainty in the agreements between a group a few of the political features are dominant, and the best example of this Agreement Erbil that does not know its terms only five may be Sadshm observer who was a U.S. hub.