Najaf airport reveals plan to accommodate 12 million passengers annually. 7-23
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Thread: Najaf airport reveals plan to accommodate 12 million passengers annually. 7-23

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    Najaf airport reveals plan to accommodate 12 million passengers annually. 7-23

    Najaf airport reveals plan to accommodate 12 million passengers annually.
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    Najaf's airport manager, said Saturday, about signing a contract with a Lebanese company for the development of a comprehensive plan to expand and develop the airport in accordance with international standards continue until 2034, while seeking to make the plan includes absorb the airport for more than 12 million passengers yearly, pointed to "a global security system to prevent any security threat to the airport.

    Airport Board Member told Hussein Iraq alhi briefed reporters our agency newsletter, that the Najaf airport manager contracted with the Lebanese firm specializing in building airports is classified tenth globally to develop a plan to expand the airport and develop infrastructure named (master plan) ", noting that" the airport management development plan is divided into three sections: 2019 plan and plan for 2024 2034 plan including airport infrastructure.

    He added Iraq, plans include the delivery and distribution of electricity inside the airport, "Noting that" there is a big project in progress to deliver water to the airport and the draft wastewater and sewer station bus line Kufa and then link to all attachments.

    He said Iraq, Najaf airport is the only airport which the traveler to the gate of the parlor and this needs sophisticated electronic security system prevents any security threat to the airport as important in conserving endangered plant ", pointing out that" management at the process of implementing the new security contract with us 17 sonar device and interview Committee was formed to put these devices in specific locations.

    Airport Board member stressed that "the new security contract will be completed by the arrival of modern arm which I think is only in the Middle East reveals the wheels at 90 miles per hour with the arrival of these devices and accessories", explaining that "it coincides with the replacement security company, which will replace the (k9) now with a new one on the dogs, which will contain the (k9) for drug detection."

    Referring to Iraq, that "the Board of Directors deliberate use of modern control system similar to the existing systems in international airports we now focus on modern surveillance system and that there is full coverage of airport security.

    He said Iraq, the agenda (master plan) prepared by the Lebanese firm specializing in airports, we began working with major issues that have a combination of priorities and plan is 2019 and 2024 plan and some projects have been pairing of 2024 and 2034″, stating that "the new terminal to the airport accommodate eight million passengers annually while the current Terminal doubled from two million to four million passengers after expansion and that we get at the end of the plan to accommodate the airport for more than 12 million passengers annually.

    Iraq, stressed that "the strategic plans on creating new lounge and a new stadium with all its accessories webangaz security new arena accomplished 70 percent of three draft plans (master plan) for development of the airport," pointing out that "most of these projects will be implemented before the end of the roof frame.

    He drew Iraq to plan updates and expansion for the airport would make him the top especially over 30 airline and there are four lines for international companies want to resume flights on the ground at the airport.

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