Details of the Declaration of social peace in Anbar

23-07-2016 04:48 PM

Orbit news.

Invited speaker Selim Jabouri Central Conference Declaration social peace in Anbar, Saturday, to accelerate the return of displaced persons and actually start seriously and ages, stressing the need to support children of the clans by securing salaries and benefits because they're required to keep land and security, demanded a greater role for clans with fewer participants in the political effort to achieve understanding ensures solutions.

According to a statement by the Office of the speaker of the House, "Jabouri attended Central Conference proceedings to the elders and to civil society organizations in Anbar, Declaration of social peace and stability and reconstruction support and accelerate the return of displaced persons, sponsored by Governor of Anbar suhaib Narrator.

Al-jibouri said in his speech to the Conference, "this meeting reflects the ability of durable and strong will and steady Fred asserts that alanbarih will move forward in accordance with the plan of an organization working to bridge distances caused by a phase of confrontation and gives us the conviction that this province will regain health and ability construction and development soon.

He stressed "the need to accelerate the return of displaced persons and actually start seriously and ages and if by rubble and rehabilitate the necessary service institutions which are indispensable to the citizen", noting that "returning to their homes from our people in Anbar beat the finest examples in solidarity, dedication, patience and selflessness and contentment and satisfaction, gives them a chance to cross to the riverbank stability and social peace and maintaining the spirit of tolerance".

"I realize that some of our folks thanks toleration and reconciliation over revenge and revenge, the overriding public interest and affirming the principle of community reconciliation, even in Anbar province decided to move from theory to practice, without noise or confusion."

The speaker stressed that "the role of Anbar in a project after liberation depends not on solving problems of community and clan rivalries, albeit important and significant, but we expect even greater role in the clan to be active through their sons involved in the political effort to achieve understanding ensures solutions."

"The sons of the tribes are required to hold the ground effort and security with military and security forces," Noting that "for all this are aware that volunteers need more support in securing salaries and benefits especially for the martyrs and the wounded, as well as supporting the troops and logistical support requirements to ensure their ability to save Earth and protect it from any return of terrorism, God forbid."