A senior officer in the Interior behind the robbery and grab the Money Bank of Baghdad (details)

23-07-2016 02:26 PM

Orbit news.

An informed source revealed on Saturday, the Interior Ministry officer standing behind the robbery and grab the money exchange in Baghdad.

The source told reporters, his lands and brigade officer named Abu Amal Khomeini ' and is currently the Director of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, was involved in managing the operations of taking and theft of funds belonging to retail banking companies in Baghdad after extortion.

The source said on condition of anonymity, said Abu Amal Khomeini using his criminal operations against the banking companies don't give up to blackmail him and allocate a percentage of their profits to his personal account, to instruct a group of criminal operations benefit from the support provided to them by him through official State cars and identities.

The source pointed out that the Inspector General's Office in the Ministry of the Interior has a complete file on Abu improprieties hope Khomeini but support and protection which was as outgoing Interior Minister Mohamed Salem Republican White House hopefuls fought made him immune to taking legal action against him.

He is an officer in the Interior Ministry, Abu Amal Khomeini is a special courses merge the outgoing Interior Minister, promoted to the rank of major by ministerial order had many errors and hastily issued for handing him the position of Director in Affairs Ministry.