Iraqi Airways fleet boasts 32 new-generation aircraft including 12 Boeing

2016-07-23 12:46

Baghdad scales news

He said Iraqi Airways spokesman Salah Tayeh, Saturday, the airline's fleet includes 32 aircraft of modern style including 12 Boeing type aircraft.

Assured Tayeh/balance of news, that "the airline has 12 Boeing aircraft and the rest of the new generation and has a contract with the Boeing Company provides delivered more planes."

He added that "airlines to reduce ticket prices for passengers," pointing out that "TSA continues to develop the transport sector at all levels in Iraq."

For its part the General company for Iraqi Airways to perpetuate all patrol aircraft and checked inside Iraq.

In a statement to the Minister of transport Abdul Hussein abtan Agency confirmed that the passenger fare reduction procedures kept prestige of Iraqi Airways and returned with interest to the traveler. while turning the first premium for Boeing to supply the remaining aircraft after a long pause