Education confirms the conclusion of the conference to maintain the quality of free education and upgrading plans and educational curricula

2016/7/23 14:58

[Where - Baghdad]

Certainly it concluded the Ministry of Education on Saturday, qualitative work conference on the development of education, and the preservation of Mjantah, and upgrading the curriculum and study plans and to give children displaced families psychological and educational care necessary.

The ministry said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that "the conference saw the presentation and a thorough and detailed to highlight the achievements of the various departments and affiliated to the ministry during the past two years, finishing on reading recommendations, which confirmed that the achievements of the Ministry of Education is a new victory is added to the victories map, which achieved by our heroes in the face of the organization Daash terrorist, through breeding conscious generation and instill moral values ​​in them, with emphasis on national participants and stay away from anything that might create division between his sons, and the preparation of a creative generation capable of advancement in Iraq to the ranks of developed countries. "

The recommendations to "make way for all scientific and creative talent to supplement the ministry ideas and innovations that contribute to the upgrading of its duties and responsibilities, and to review the curriculum and textbook adoption cognitive strategic [learning leads maturity, and is not a strategy [maturity leads learning]."

The ministry alerted according to the statement "the importance of coordination with colleges of education responsible for teachers and teacher preparation, stressing the increased government spending from the general budget to the education sector from 6 percent to 25 percent, what to invest in this sector of the economic and educational returns, as well as increased care Education technology and its use in teaching, training and testing, as well as for use in documentation in all squares in order to prevent fraud or documentation paperwork is damaged. "

The ministry expressed its "ambition to be the year of 2016-2017 general excellence of the Ministry of Education, through the promotion of school management, educational supervision, and moving toward learning Alatghani, without reclining on the standard of education in which the student's score compares his collection, emphasizing the increased care in kindergartens, re moral order of peace for teachers and teachers, and to give the children of displaced families and their students or were displaced or were under the terror organization Daash psychological and educational care according to the specialized scientific programs to address the adverse effects of displacement and occupation. "