Abadi calls to not to make the electoral cycle arena of political conflict and trading with the blood of Iraqis

2016/7/23 14:18

[Where - Baghdad]

He called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Saturday, to not to make the electoral cycle arena of political struggle and trading with the blood of Iraqis.

Ebadi said in his speech during the conference, the first type of the achievements of the Ministry of Education, pursued by all of Iraq [where] that "the terrorist war suffered by Iraq leaves negative effects on students and educational reality in general, so there is a basic need for the reform of the educational reality and generation in general," pointing that "the war that we are waging against Daash terrorist gangs is a war on underdevelopment, ignorance and overcome them is through the educational system reform."

"It is not possible to postpone the fight with Daash terrorist gangs in the battlefront, because our fight with terrorist groups and fight Judy is designed to profit the war against ignorance and backwardness, through out generation believes in peaceful co-existence away from the obscurantists who are trying to kill the nation."

He stressed the need to "re-education system to the liberated areas to enable these areas to build a true community is aware of the need for science," pointing to "reject most of the displaced families to return to their areas liberated as a result of lack of education and schools return to it again."

And that "Iraq is facing great difficulties in the security, economic and financial level, and for everyone to create jobs and achieve economic control in conjunction with the victories achieved by the Daash against terrorism," stressing "the need to have educational system reform essential to the process of reform in which the government is moving by reforming the institutional work in general and the reform of other contradictions. "

He called on the Prime Minister that "the electoral cycle is not the political arena of the conflict, because it is unrealistic to war against the security forces are engaged in battlefields and fronts," stressing that "no one is entitled to raise the banner of reform and behavior against reform, or that calls for changing the corrupt and be his institution is corrupt. "

However, Abadi "is not entitled to a single trading with the blood of Iraqis, and we are seeing some issues pleas and convictions for everyone, but it does not condemn terrorism," adding that he "demanded political deadline for the salvation of Daash terrorist gangs of the military side, and that the current year will see the end of Daash from the military side and stays the existence of terrorist Daash experienced by all countries in the world. "

He explained that "Iraq coming together with a large group of countries to get rid of terrorism, but there is a backer countries him and terrorist groups to kill the states themselves," noting that "gangs of terrorist Daash claimed defense of the sons of the year in the provinces controlled by, but the Sunnis have been displaced and killed themselves at the hands of terrorist groups. "

Ebadi called for "a comprehensive community-based reconciliation and away from fighting wars Balgnapeh as happened in the time of the former regime," stressing "the need to be a reform of the educational system the basic building block in the community the reform process, and improve the education system and help the displaced students."

"The teacher and the student are just as important as the fighter in the battlefield, and we promised that this year will be a year of military victory over Daash terrorist gangs, corrupt and all tried to bring Iraq back."

He concluded by saying that "gangs Daash terrorist what they were entering into Fallujah and Mosul, not for corruption, we are able to overcome their weaknesses and move towards reform and liberalization," stressing that "everybody has the right to claim their legitimate rights that are not running community for basic war."