Operations Euphrates barricaded Karbala from the west

2016/7/23 13:47

[Where - Baghdad]

Hardened operations Euphrates province of Karbala from the west.

According to a defense ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "operational commander of the Middle Euphrates Major General Qais behind Rahima lose, accompanied by a number of officers Corner leadership, the boundaries between the leaderships of the Middle Euphrates operations and Anbar toward boycotted Nukhayib; for and overseeing the immunization and secure border management of the province of Karbala from the west, as well as to prevent the infiltration of terrorist elements and identifying suspicious movements. "

He praised the chief of operations, "the efforts of all the officers and commanders and associate supervisors of the immunization process," stressing that "the aim of intensifying efforts is to protect civilians and the province of Karbala and state institutions of any sinner terrorist attack."