Jubouri calls for the promotion of free education and increase the education budget to support the people

2016/7/23 13:14

[Where - Baghdad]

He called on Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, on Saturday, to promote free education and increase the Ministry of Education's budget to support the people.

The Jubouri during his attendance at the Ministry of Education conference on educational reform that most private political, security or economic or social problems if we discussed the origins, we find that the key to the solution lies in the education sector as a real incentive in the fight against corruption. "

He explained that "the education sector is the only one capable of establishing a new generation aware of the crises experienced by the country and offers real solutions to these problems through the educational system makes scientific curriculum tools for the treatment of these problems, and this would be reflected on all the obstacles that we face in the security file and the fight against extremism."

We do not need us to speak of many details in the importance of the education sector because it is clear to everyone how to recover terrorism in the environment dominated by ignorance and backwardness, as well as the economic crisis, stressing that "the time has come to give the education sector top priority for Tohlih and developed to contribute to rebuilding Iraq for the benefit of his children. "

He said the President of the House of Representatives that "Iraq faces desperate attempts by his enemies to discredit his identity, manipulation Bmnzawmth intellectual purebred, through giving priority to extremism concepts of moderation, and disperse on the unit, and terrorism to justice and the preservation of rights and freedoms, and the Ministry of Education bears the greatest responsibility in the face of it whole, because of the first tasks safeguard our values, and to develop our concepts, strengthening of belonging to our beloved homeland. "

He said it was "no secret to everyone the challenge of terrorism, but at a trade, a chance to say, that the future of our country keeps it and enshrined in day two, fighter holds his weapon in the battlefield, free land, and educational carries a pen in the school, the mind free from all impurities conflict, and establishes the two in the minds of our children, and the hearts of our people, love of country, and the values ​​of redemption and sacrifice, for the upswing, "calling on all political, academic and popular actors and even the clan to make education sector a source of a new generation that believes in building this country and is capable of fighting corruption and investing energies and capabilities in all areas away from political influence or partisan or sectarian or racial or national. "

He Jubouri that "the House of Representatives represented Balijnta of Education would have stopped dolly in the legislative side in order to support the development of this sector is important and that the government should also play its part through the promotion of free education as a right for all segments of society by increasing the Ministry of Education's budget and thus contributing to the support the sons of the Iraqi people. "

He said that "the decline suffered by our children displaced due to the security situation makes it imperative for the Ministry of Education to put an emergency plan in order to compensate the people of those areas through the rehabilitation of school buildings in those areas speed.