In the parliamentary Education member confirms the constitutionality of free education and not to overturn it

2016/7/23 9:22

[Where - Baghdad]

A member of the parliamentary education committee Ali Grkan Delphi, on Saturday, the constitutionality of free education, and that the Commission did not and will not adopt cancel free education project in Iraq.

Delphi said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that "cited sites on the adoption of the Education Committee bill to cancel the news of free education is a liar and a Nude for Health, a target of the Education Committee and the legislative authority."

He added that "the parliamentary education committee did not adopt such a decision, the fact that free education is a right guaranteed by the Constitution, nor can one erase it."

He pointed out that "the parliamentary education continues to pass laws that contribute to the advancement of this sector being the most important sectors for the future generations, it builds that promote Iraq and face all challenges."

The social networking sites, picked up news about the cancellation of free education in Iraq, against the backdrop of the intervention of the head of state law, the parliamentary Ali al-Adeeb about free education Cancel in Iraq, opening alongside investment in the Iraqi education.

For his part, issued a writer, last Thursday, for clarification on the video attributed to him in which he talked about free and compulsory education within the Iraqi constitution, explaining that he had "the intent of the discussion of this topic was not free education to cancel, but organized and inviting the private sector to participate in its responsibility along with sector government. "