Bodies lying on the sea coast, survivors and others have raised "human biting."

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Charred bodies of 21 women and one man, while survivors describe immigrants who were accompanying them on their journey scenes of panic and violence when the water flowed into their boat. Some of the survivors appeared on their bodies bite marks to bear witness to the bitter conflict on the boat to escape death. Ill-fated boat was found floating off the coast of Libya on Wednesday, where he saved the group Doctors Without Borders about 104 survivors and recovered the mutilated corpses. Passengers said that human smugglers in Libya amassed large numbers of immigrants in the very boat that splintered floor after he made his way into the sea to be a trap for the lost young women were sitting in the middle section of it Oruahhn. She said a Nigerian woman named Mary at the age of 24 years for Doctors Without Borders "and continued to ask for help, not a help, were climbing Ali to stay away from the water, I thought I was going to die, had to be members so that I could breathe, the woman who Eddtha done, the men were standing over me, a woman stood on my face ..amroh was pregnant, died, we were under the water together. "
IRNA said Rieners doctor doctors without borders that were on board the rescue ship (MV Okwereas) that there was an eerie silence as they approached the boat and it was clear that there was a conflict.
She added, "You can learn it from the nail scratches on their legs and arms of the people but also to have ten people on their arms and backs, as well as the bottom of their backs, ankles effects of human bites." The International Organization for Migration said about three thousand migrants died in the Mediterranean Sea this year while trying to reach Europe - three quarters of them were on their way from North Africa to Italy. And it arrived a little more than 80 thousand people, mostly from Africa to Italy since the first of January, which is roughly in line with the numbers of last year, according to official figures. Mary told MSF they detained in Libya - prison where immigrants are often held there - two months before you find a place on the boat. Raners She believes that many of the victims were being held ahead of the trip and they were on the degree of weakness that prevents Issarawa to budge the floor of the boat. She spoke of Mary, calling her suffering in custody before you can escape and meet her husband: "There was a rape, they are looking for young girls you can Tervda ..ldehm rifles and shouting and talking in their own language." He urged Another survivor from Nigeria named David at the age of 30 years of planning to do the perilous voyage to reverse it. "The boat ride is very dangerous, this is the truth, I feel saddened by the women who died, what was supposed to happen."